Anasuya Menon

‘There is a need to create awareness about matrimonial services online’

People with hearing impairment can log on to

COIMBATORE: A website offering various services to people with hearing impairment has recently revived its matrimonial segment. With more and more people with the disability familiarising themselves with technology, particularly the Internet, finding a suitable life partner online has become much easier.


People with hearing impairment who wish to get married can log on to and register their profiles free of cost. “Finding the right bride or groom is one of the greatest problems faced by people with hearing impairment,” says K. Murali, Director of Deaf Leaders, an organisation working for the empowerment of people with disabilities. The number of people with hearing impairment in the country who enter into wedlock is very few compared to countries such as the U.S. where the society is more aware of disability issues.


The objective of including the matrimonial segment on the website is to provide a wider avenue for those seeking alliances. People from all parts of the country and even outside have registered with the website.

“It offers a wider platform for people with hearing impairment to meet and interact with others online,” Mr. Murali says.

People with hearing impairment can also register with matrimonial websites for normal people. But, the responses they receive are very few, he observes. Cases of people with hearing impairment getting married to people with normal hearing are very few, he says. Matrimonial services such as these will help more people with hearing impairment to find suitable matches.

However, there is a need to create awareness about hearing impairment and the availability of matrimonial services online, Mr.Murali says.


Those with hearing impairment can register with the website (no registration fees is collected). Mr.K.Murali can be contacted at 9894058898 (SMS).