Two persons were killed and one was injured while they were digging an open well at AV Patty near Vadamadurai on Tuesday.

The victims were K. Seelama Naicker (37) of Kannimarpalayam and S. Alappan (50) Thoddaya Goundenur. The injured Samikannu (33) was hospitalised. The police found that the accident was due to failure on the part of workers to take safety measures. Eye witnesses said that the workers had been using van rim as a pulley to lift small rocks and stones from the well to the surface. They used tractors to pull the containers filled with stones from the well. At one stage, the rope slipped from the rim owing to a sudden jerk pushing the container down. The container hit Seelamanaicker’s head killing him on the spot.

Other workers in the well lifted the body using the same pulley.

Samikannu and Alappan used the same container to come out of the well. The rope slipped from the rim.