They were also in possession of foreign currency

Chennai Suburban Police have arrested two men and seized foreign liquor supplied to them by passengers arriving at the Chennai airport. Foreign currency notes were also seized from the men.

A press release said a police team was conducting vehicle checks on GST Road when they intercepted a car in Meenambakkam on Tuesday. On checking the car, police seized nine bottles of expensive liquor.

According to the policemen, suppliers in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur would send a couple of expensive liquor bottles to passengers flying frequently to and from Chennai.

The passengers in turn would hand over the liquor bottles to people like S. Nagoor Meeran (32) and his accomplice A.Sampath Kumar (35).

Once they had collected about 50 bottles, they would sell them in bulk in markets like Burma Bazaar or also to their “regular individual customers” police said.

While the price of the bottles in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur would be around Rs.1,000 each, Nagoor Meeran would give about Rs. 200 per bottle to the passenges arriving at Chennai and in turn sell the bottles for between Rs.1,500 and Rs.2,000 .

Nagoor Meeran, policemen said, had been doing this regularly and had been imprisoned a few times.

He had now been remanded to judicial custody .

Police said that Rs.3.86 lakh cash and currency notes from foreign countries worth Rs.1.38 lakh were also seized from the them.