Two persons, who allegedly tried to mortgage some jewellery claiming that they were made of gold, in a pawn broker's shop were arrested by the Pulianthope police on Wednesday.

According to police sources, Rajendran (23) of Pulianthope and his associate Alamelu (51) of Padikuppam went to the shop of Mahendar, and tried to pledge some jewellery that looked like gold. Suspecting foul play, he informed the local police, who detained the suspects.

On investigation, it was found that the jewellery was not made of gold. “The accused mortgaged some jewellery in the same pawn shop a few days ago. We are trying to check if they were also fake. Rajendran and Alamelu were arrested on charges of cheating and remanded to judicial custody,” Pulianthope Inspector (Crimes) V. Rajapandi said on Thursday.