An adult and a juvenile Olive Ridley turtle along with a juvenile hawksbill turtle were rescued by fishermen along the East Coast on Tuesday. The rescued turtles were later handed over to the TREE Foundation, Neelankarai, involved in sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation.

Supraja Dharini of TREE Foundation said G Sundaram, a fisherman from Sadras fishing village said when they were nearing the shore they felt something hit the bottom of their boat. They later realised it was a huge sea turtle, injured but alive.

Another juvenile Olive Ridley was found in Neelankarai by local fishermen. Kalimuthu, one of the fishermen who rescued the turtle, said when they were fishing they saw something popping its head in and out. On closer examination, the fishermen found out that the juvenile Olive Ridley got entangled into a trawl net which was weighing over 20 kg. The fishermen then lifted the turtle with the net into the boat and carefully cut the net, which had cut off a part of the right flipper and cut deep in to the shoulder.

The hawksbill was rescued by R.Sarveshwaran, fisherman from Uyalikuppam. The turtle neither dived into the water nor moved towards the shore. Hence it was rescued by him and handed over to her for rehabilitation, she said. Whenever sea turtles get entangled into a net, fishermen normally chop the flippers and throw the turtle into the sea to save their nets. But in this case, the fishermen thoughtfully cut the nets to rescue the turtle, thanks to increasing awareness, activists said.