Run of goods train to help officials detect defects

An A/C loco engine was sent to Virudhunagar from Dindigul railway station at 4 p.m. on Wednesday to conduct a trial run on the newly electrified broad gauge line between the two places.

In the trial run, expected to take place in a day or two, the loco will pull a goods train to Dindigul on the electrified track.

Sources in the Southern Railway said the goods train attached to an electric engine would start from Virudhunagar and reach Dindigul and again go back to Madurai in the trial run. At a later stage, passenger trains would be operated on this track followed by express trains, they added.

The Central Organisation for Railway Electrification and Madurai Divisional Railway have been waiting for fully loaded goods wagons to conduct the trail.

Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) Satish Kumar Mittal during his inspection of the newly-electrified Dindigul-Virudhunagar broad gauge section in Dindigul on August 23 had raised some technical queries. The trial run of goods train would help the officials detect defects, if any, and present their clarification to the CRS, they added.

At present, electric engines are attached to all Chennai-bound express trains at Dindigul or Tiruchi station.

After the inauguration of the electrified track, electric engines would be attached to all trains at Madurai station, thus saving at least 20 minutes of running time, said railway officials.

This project has been executed at a cost of Rs.280 crore.