Do you feel overweight? Are you a diabetic? Does knee joint pain torments you?

If the answer to any of these questions is a `yes,' then you must visit the Khadi and Village Industries exhibition under way at Gandhi Museum.

The Madurai East Sarvodhaya Sangh has put up a stall to serve ethnic food.

The food items not only host a treat to your taste buds, but are also rich in medicinal values.

Pala. Ramasubramanian, a Tamil `pulavar', who has a vast experience in traditional food items, doles out many mouth-watering dishes with a team of cooks.

Just go through this menu - Karuppatti (jaggery) Appam, Kezhvaragu (millets) murukku, Karuveppilai (curry leaves) Adai, Kara Aval (rice flakes) Uppuma, Kammang (millet) Koozh.

These and many more are there. A beverage with rose petals has a soothing effect on intestinal ulcers and ginger jam purifies blood. Mudakaththan is good for knee joint pain.

Some dishes have special preparations to nullify common side effects.

Take for example, sprouted (and dried) `Cumbu'. "Normally, ragi increases body heat but it is ideal for diabetic patients," says Mr. Ramasubramanian.

A combination of millets and different recipes has made the menu longer.

People can get the ideal menu for their ailments and also cooking tips from Mr. Ramasubramanian.

The exhibition will come to an end on January 12. He can be contacted on 0452 - 2372224.

From S. Sundar in Madurai