Tamil Nadu Government Transport Corporation Employees Federation and Kumbakonam unit of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Employees Association have condemned the hike in diesel price and called for a rollback.

In a joint press release issued here on Saturday, J.Lakshmanan, president of the federation, and Durai.Mathivanan, general secretary of the Kumbakonam unit of the employees association, said that the diesel price hike would hit the public sector transport corporations and the railways. Ultimately the burden would be on people who are already hit by the rise in prices of essential commodities. Nearly 1,40,000 buses are operated by State-owned transport corporations in India. Out of them, 60 per cent are in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In Tamil Nadu, 22,000 buses ply covering a distance of 90 lakh km every day. Increase in price by Rs.11.67 per litre would take a toll on these corporations.

‘Public transport corporations and railways would be hit’