At several places in Madurai, transformers and electricity posts erected by the TANGEDCO hamper free flow of vehicular traffic. A couple of years ago, in a joint effort, officials identified such spots and announced that they would be shifted so that they would not obstruct movement of vehicles and pedestrians. However, never took off.

Transformers and other structures near Arasaradi traffic signal have been hindering free flow of vehicles coming from Kalavasal towards New Jail Road and taking left turn to Arapalayam for the past many years.

Though the then Collector and traffic police officials, along with the TANGEDCO officers and Corporation engineers planned to shift them, this plan also remains in cold storage. When enquired, officials said, “the question of who is to bear the cost involved in shifting of posts is the problem. Whether the Corporation authorities or the TANGEDCO or the State government is to foot the bill, and the wait continues.”

With power going on and off at night, vehicles and pedestrians, especially the visually challenged, hit the poles on the middle of the road and injure themselves, shopkeepers near Jaihindpuram market say. In Arapalayam Cross Road, a huge transformer threatens residents as students in the West Ponnagaram area play around them giving tense moments to passersby.

On Gokhale Road and OCPM school in Narimedu also, EB poles cause obstruction.

Rains and low visibility in the evenings also add to the danger for motorists.

A week ago, a youth hit a post on the Palam Station Road at around 8 p.m. and had to be rushed to the Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH) with head injuries.

A TANGEDCO official said that there would be at least 100 such poles and transformers in the city. With rising vehicle population, residents want the newly elected local body representatives to accord top priority to resolve this issue.

Officials' plan to shift them remains in cold storage, writes L. Srikrishna