The Department of School Examination held a training session for the Chief Examiners of all the 74 Plus Two public examination venues in Coimbatore.

Chief Educational Officer A. Gnanagowri told The Hindu that the training focussed on the seating arrangements of students and ensuring that no two students sitting adjacently had the same batch of question paper.

Students in the examination halls have also been told to alert the invigilators in case anyone of their school mates failed to turn up.

“Since this could be due to any number of unforeseeable reasons, we will try to locate the missing student and bring him/her to the examination centre, if possible. There was an instance of a student forgetting the examination schedule and turning up late. The student was unable to take the examination as the rules forbid allowing a candidate inside after 11.15 a.m.”

They were also told to ensure that the benches in the examination halls were kept clean as the optical mark recognition (OMR) enabled answer sheets, used for the computer science subject, were sensitive. If these sheets were covered with dust, there may be problems when the answer sheets are fed into the equipment for evaluations as the sensors might not properly read the answers, she said.

Besides told strictly to collect the papers only at 1.15 p.m., the Chief Examiners have been instructed to wrap the answer sheets in rain-proof covers as several parts of Coimbatore experienced showers recently. Proper lighting should be available in all the venues.

Ms. Gnanagowri said that the Chief Examiners were also told to ensure that the drinking water provided to students at the venues was clean and changed every day. The training session was held at St. Michaels Boys Higher Secondary School here.

A total of 38,388 students would be taking the examinations from Coimbatore revenue district. While there were 56 public examination venues in Coimbatore educational district, Pollachi educational district had 18.