Ernakulam is a fast growing commercial city and the financial capital of Kerala. For Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam and South Arcot districts, there is no direct train connection to Ernakulam or any part of Kerala. A lot of Christians come to Velankanni every day. They are mostly depending on bus services or go to Tiruchi to board the Kochi Express. The Kochi-Tiruchi Express can be extended to Thanjavur with immediate effect. They can introduce a new train from Chennai once the mainline BG conversion is over. Many representations have been made earlier with no effect. Will the railway authorities consider our plea?

George Thomas,


Traffic congestion

Traffic signals were installed with all pomp and fanfare at vulnerable locations in Pudukkottai town to control the mounting traffic population. But the local traffic police have ignored the importance of these signals. It is common knowledge that vehicle population has by and large multiplied in leaps and bounds. It has become increasingly difficult to cross the main roads and, in the case of senior citizens, the less said the better. One such vulnerable junction place is near the Cattle Farm where traffic is mostly congested and many fatal accidents have occurred. Despite the importance of this location, no action seems to have been taken by the authorities to avert accidents and arrest the tendency of flouting rules.

N. Arumugam,


Express train, please

Even after completion of broad gauge between Tiruchi-Karaikudi line, only two trains are running. We request the authorities to provide one express train during day via Pudukottai to Chennai. Also this train should have toilet facility.



Driver spits, conductor supports

Some drivers and conductors are lacking self-discipline. I got a ticket from Thanjavur New Bus Stand to Kumbakonam on April 22 at 2.20 p.m. in a TNSTC bus. En route, the driver consumed water and spit outside. The spit fell on a few passengers sitting near the windows. When the conductor was informed of the driver’s act, he went to the front seat and silently sat there. The driver repeated it again. Four of us shouted at him, but both asked us to shut the windows. They must be advised by the authorities to maintain self-discipline and taken to task. The Transport Corporation is meant for public convenience and not employee’s convenience. The ticket number of my travel was No.025908 . The bus was coming from Edapadi.



Excess fare unfair

I travelled from Thanjavur to Tiruchi on April 28 by the Nagore-Pallapatti bus which left Thanjavur Bus Stand at about 11.45 a.m. The ticket fare was Rs. 18 (compared to the usual Rs. 15.50) and the conductor said it was an express service. To my utter surprise, the bus stopped at all the stops en route – Vallam, Sengipatti, Thuvakudi, BHEL Township, Tiruverumbur, etc. It is unfair to collect excess fare in an ordinary bus.

P. Gnanasekar,


Wrong parking

Two wheelers are being parked at Kumbakonam Big Street on both sides which cause hindrance to the free movement of cars and load carriers. I request the authorities to re-instate the one side parking system that prevailed earlier to avoid traffic congestion.

K. Santhanam,


Restraint needed

Former governor of Maharashtra S. M. Krishna is reported to have stated that the provocative speech made by Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has goaded Kannadigas to indulge in violence against Tamils. This is far from the truth. Our Chief Minister is known for his witty repartees, not for provocative language. He only expressed his concern saying that the Karnataka Government all along denied Cauvery water for irrigation and now even potable water from Hogenakkal to the people here. This cannot be a harsh comment. It is time the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu exercise restraint for the sake of brotherly relations between the two states.

R. Ramaiah,


Pay arrears

Both the Centre and State Government have clarified that the second instalment of Pay Commission arrears received by the Tamil Nadu government employees would not be considered as taxable for the assessment year 2008-09, but the interest on Pay Commission arrears, received during the financial year ended 31-03-08, should be considered as ‘taxable income’ under “income from other sources”. To put it in a nutshell, the principal amount, drawn from the G.P.F. savings of government employees, is exempted from the levy of income tax and the interest amount on arrears negatived by the former AIADMK government which was fought in the court of law and necessary orders, passed by the present government, for the payment of interest, from 2003-04, has been ordered, to be included, as taxable income under the head “other sources of income” which is said to be for the protection of government revenue. There are various sources of revenue and not the government servants’ G.P.F. interest, as ordered by the court of law.

R.S. Moorthy,