So many things are said about Thanjavur, the Big Temple, South Zone Cultural Centre etc, which attract people from various parts of the country. But the Railways is not conceding the long pending demand of the people of the delta districts for yet another overnight train to Chennai. Why such an indifference.

T. S. S. Mani,


Conservation work

It is good and happy to see the conservation works taken up by the Government to preserve the ancient buildings in Thanjavur by the Archaeological Survey of India. The work of strengthening the buildings and pillars were their aim which is getting extended to the current financial year. The renovation which is in progress for the historical and public places in due course will directly affect the tourism and also disturb the worship conducted there. It is a humble request to the authorities to take necessary measures to finish the work without causing hardship to the public.

R. Dakshina Murthy


Congestion-free road

As the four-way construction is in progress in the highways of Tiruchi to Thanjavur, the road that is in usage becomes narrow due to the spreading of sand and other materials. Many people use this route and a large number of buses plying during peak hours face difficulties in the traffic caused due to these narrow roads.

Let the authorities take note and take the necessary measures to provide a congestion free road in order to avoid accidents.

R. D. Sathiya Rajesh Khanna,


Erect tower light

This is with reference to the non-burning of tube lights in the Kittappa Bridge Road near Mappadugai village of Mayiladuthrai town. Since, the bridge road is a thorough fare for the people of many villages to get access to Mayiladuturai, this road places a vital role for connecting Mappadugai and Mayiladuturai.

Owing to the non-burning of these lights for the past two years, it paves way for all kinds of illegal activities in the bridge. All the efforts made by the municipality became futile, since the lights were being broken by miscreants to enable illegal activities. So, I request Mayiladuturai municipality to erect tower light near the bridge to put an end to this menace.

S. S. Rajan,


Bogus medicines

The presence of bogus and duplicate medicines is causing concern to all sections of the society. I request the concerned department to take steps to check this.

M. S. Sakthiamurthy,

Kunnur. Tiruthuraipoondi taluk.

Shift the branch

It is learnt that the City Union Bank branch located at Gandhi Nagar is likely to be shifted near St. Anne’s School.

There is already a Canara bank branch nearby. I request the chairman of the concerned branch to shift the branch near Vatti Pillaiyar Koil which will not only be centrally located but also cater to the needs of Chettimandapam area people.

K. Santhanam,


Indifferent ticket staff

When I went to get a ticket to travel from Tiruchi to Mayiladuturai by the Mayiladuturai Express on October 30 (it was exactly 1 p.m.), a woman staffer at the counter told me that the train had already left. The scheduled departure of the train was 1.05 p.m. When I made enquiry, I was informed that the train had not left. When I returned to the staffer, she again said that the train had already left. The train was very much on platform 3 and was visible from the counter. She issued the ticket only after much hesitation. The irony is that the train left Tiruchi junction only at 1.15 p.m. on that day. Why are the railway staff so indifferent?

S. Rajangam,


Temple claim on land

A most unfortunate exercise is going on in Srirangam. It appears temple authorities claim that the land in the most part of Srirangam town is owned by the temple. Almost all the present owners of houses in the affected area acquired the property by legitimate sale deeds. If at all there was any encumbrance why did the government register such sale deeds? They should not be penalised.

Dalmiapuram Gannesan,