Suruli Falls, one of the major and safe tourism spots in Theni district, particularly for people from the southern districts, has become a nightmare to young couple and college students following the murder of a college girl and her boyfriend in the reserve forests near the falls last week. The murder sent shock waves among people in the district.

A 23-year-old girl and her boy friend were murdered under mysterious circumstances in the reserve forest near the falls last week. The police found the bodies on Thursday.

Many youngsters, mostly couples and students have been hanging around Suruli Falls, Kailasanathar Cave and nearby forests area without any fear.

Tourists from different places who visited Suruli Falls have never had such a bitter experience so far, said local vendors. “The double murder and threat to tourists, first of its kind, have had a ripple effect at Suruli village and Cumbum valley. Capitalising the lonely atmosphere, anti-social elements have started intimidating young boys and girls who were alone in these secluded places in the reserve forests,” they added.

With no monitoring of police personnel or effective surveillance of forest officials in the reserve forests of Suruli Falls area, anti-social elements have been stepping up their activities silently.

The police have also got fresh information about the abuse of young women in the forests.

The anti-social elements reportedly abused a college girl who had come to the spot with a boy and threatened to kill them if they revealed any information about the incident to others particularly to the police. Somehow the police knew about it and started investigation.

At present, there were none to monitor the movement of people to these secluded places. Security should be tightened near the falls area. Youngsters, particularly young boys and girls should be prevented from going into interior areas or secluded places near the forests either by the forest or the police personnel, villagers demanded.

With no monitoring by police personnel, anti-social elements have stepped up their activities,

writes K. Raju