L. Renganathan

For improvement in drinking water supply augmentation projects

It shows corporate social responsibility character

Local body representatives thank TNPL

KARUR: In tune with its avowed corporate social responsibility character, the Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) donated a sum of Rs. 20.40 lakh to two villages nearby its Kagithapuram plant in Karur district for improvement in drinking water supply augmentation projects.

Moolimangalam village, not far from Kagithapuram, in the TNPL Town Panchayat limits was facing acute drinking water shortage, especially in the recent years.

Public sought the intervention of the elected body representatives in the town panchayat to find an amicable and permanent solution to quench their parched throats.

The Town Panchayat decided to alleviate the sufferings of the area people by constructing a new overhead tank with a capacity of two lakh litres. The estimated cost of the project worked out to be Rs. 18.80 lakh.

Considering its financial position, the TNPL Town Panchayat approached the TNPL for assistance.

The TNPL management considered the request of the local body and decided to bear 50 per cent of the estimated construction cost.

Similar was the plight of public in Athiyamankottai village in Vettamangalam panchayat, about five km from the TNPL Kagithapuram facility.

Drinking water was supplied to the villagers twice-a-week from far off places.

President of the Vettamangalam panchayat Rajeswari Gnanasundaram sought the help of TNPL in finding a solution to the vexed issue.

TNPL arranged to supply drinking water in tankers to the village since July 2008.

Then the panchayat approached the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board for finding a permanent solution to the potable water problem. Based on the request, the TWAD Board formulated a water supply scheme costing Rs. 55 lakh was drafted under the Swajaldhara scheme.

Under the Swajaldhara Scheme, the beneficiaries had to bear 20 per cent of the project cost which worked out to be Rs. 11 lakh in the Vettamangalam case.

The panchayat again looked up to the TNPL for assistance and again the corporate obliged.

On Saturday the TNPL Deputy Managing Director A. Velliangiri presented a demand draft for Rs. 11 lakh towards people participation under the Swajaldhara Scheme to Mrs. Rajeswari Gnanasundaram and another demand draft for Rs. 9.40 lakh to the TNPL Town Panchayat president K. Muthu for payments towards constructing the overhead water tank at Moolimangalam village.

Inspector General of Police and Chief of Vigilance and Security, TNPL, I. Raja, Chief General Manager (Operations) T.V.V. Satyanarayana, Chief General Manager (Finance and Accounts) M. Arunachalam, and General Manager, Human Resources, P. Vasudevan.

The beneficiary local body representatives thanked the TNPL for their gesture in providing potable water to the public in the area.