Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has suggested critical technologies for increasing yield of 19 major crops, which it believes will help the State meet the foodgrain production target of 115 lakh tonnes.

Vice-Chancellor of the university P. Murugesa Boopathi said the crops that were covered included paddy, maize, black gram, green gram, red gram, groundnut, gingelly, sunflower, sugarcane, mango, banana, turmeric, chilli, cashew, tapioca, onion, tomato, brinjal, and cotton.

“Though there are various technologies, crop varieties and improved machinery brought out by the university, there was still a felt need for increasing yield. Hence, critical technologies, exclusive for each crop, have been proposed to the Minister for implementation,” he said. The new technologies, when implemented, are expected to increase the yield manifold. He expressed concern that farmers were not adopting technologies, which were developed after research.