An Inspector and three police constables of the Tirupur police who were taken into custody by the West Bengal police in connection with an alleged case of causing death due to negligence a couple of days ago retuned home on Thursday.

According to police sources, Inspector Thangam and the three police constables who were released on bail by a court in Farakka reached Tirupur. They were part of a five-member team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Rajaram that was sent to West Bengal to investigate the burglary in the Anto Alukkas jewellery shop in Tirupur.

When the team was about to take a train after arresting three suspects early on Tuesday, the Farakka police detained them in connection with the death of an informant whose body was found in a ditch.

The allegation was that the informant was chased by Inspector Thangam and three police constables. While fleeing, he fell in a ditch and succumbed to a head injury. Though there was no allegation against Mr. Rajaram and another Inspector in the team Syed Babu, they were also detained in the police station for several hours and freed only around noon on Wednesday.