The running room meant for the train crew at Tiruchi Railway Junction is one among the five railway rest rooms across the country to have been shortlisted by the Railway Board for selecting the best among them this year.

After carefully considering the presentations made by the nominated officers from various zonal railways in December, a high-level committee of the Railway Board had finally shortlisted the running rooms at New Jalpaiguri in North East Frontier Railway, Tiruchi in Southern Railway, Guntur in South Central Railway, Bandra in Western Railway, and Bhopal in West Central Railway.

The best among the shortlisted running rooms, which serves as a resting place for the loco pilots, assistant loco pilots, and guards, would be chosen and presented with a shield by the Ministry of Railways.

Railway officials here told The Hindu that a nominated committee of the Railway Board inspected the Tiruchi running room in January to get a first hand account of the improvements and innovations made in the rest room. The panel members would inspect the other running rooms before selecting the best among them. With a total number of 80 beds, the running room in Tiruchi is one of the major rest rooms for the train crew in Tiruchi Railway Division. The other major rest rooms are located at Villupuram and Mayiladuthurai Railway Junctions.

Controlled by the mechanical department, the Tiruchi running room has a kitchen, separate cubicles for the train crew to take rest, a reading room, a meditation hall, and western type toilets.

A host of additional facilities have been provided in the running room including a new washing machine, electric chimney for kitchen, leg massager, one set of new aesthetic sofa with teapoy, water heater in the kitchen for washing utensils, solar water heater in the bathrooms and new foam pillows.

The cots in the ‘A' classified running room have locking arrangements with the windows provided with curtains and mosquito mesh. Safety slogans in trilingual languages have been displayed inside the running room that was built in 1939, say railway officials.