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The Pandian Cooperative Supermarket is supplying Indane gas cylinders. But the delivery boys are quarrelling with the consumers to give more than the Rs. 420-430. They shout in front of the house before neighbours like auto drivers quarrelling with passengers regarding auto fare. This behaviour must be put to an end. Indane is giving commission to the gas agencies for the cylinder priced at Rs. 397. The words “Do not give tips to delivery boys” is not printed on bills nowadays.

R. Gopalakrishnan,

Ellis Nagar

Ordinary buses will do

I appeal to the Chief Minister to allot only ordinary buses instead of airbuses to Madurai because of the following reasons:

In Tiruchi, Coimbatore, Salem and Tirunelveli, there are more number of ordinary buses operated by the private owners than air buses and the charges are very low. In Madurai, there are many number of airbuses than ordinary buses and they charge triple the fare of ordinary buses. As there are very few ordinary buses, one has to wait for long hours to catch these buses.

In airbuses, there are 12 seats fixed in a higher platform than the lower seats. It is very difficult for the elderly people and children to climb and sit on these seats. In all the airbuses, extra fixtures like hydraulic door, ventilators etc have stopped working. The people of Madurai are not rich and they are content with ordinary buses for which the charges are low.

Hence, I request the transport authorities to reduce the number of airbuses.

A. Manickavasagam,

Mahatma Gandhi Nagar

IVRS facility

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has introduced an interactive voice response system (IVRS) LPG refill booking facility recently. A consumer, on dialling 8124024365, is guided to book a refill. On providing the requisite information, the consumer is given a booking number. The facility is user friendly and has options to know the status of booking already made or lodge a complaint as well. It is a measure for the future and is certainly bound to be a hit with the LPG consumers. The IOC needs to be complimented for being abreast with times. However, the effective date of booking as per the new procedure is the call date. Presently, there is a ‘wait period' for booking a refill, which is consumer-specific, and therefore the effective date of booking may be different from the one when the call was made. As regards ‘wait period,' it may be pointed out that it should be uniform across all distributors and should be determined from the ‘billing date' and not the actual ‘date of delivery.' An early clarification from the IOC would certainly be enlightening .

K. Gopalakrishnan,


More traffic signals

A large number of commercial establishments and multi-storeyed apartments have come up in and around Madurai. Vehicle population is also increasing at a fast pace. But, surprisingly, traffic islands and automatic traffic signals have not been increased in the past two decades. Hence, automatic signal lights must be erected in more places such as Bibikulam Junction, Racecourse Road junction, near Railway Junction etc. Besides, number of traffic policemen ought to be increased. It is pity to point out that Madurai does not have pedestrian crossing signal lights. They must be provided near Tallakulam Perumal Temple, Corporation building, Outpost, Railway Junction, Government Rajaji Hospital, Kalavasal, Mariamman Teppakulam, Arapalayam etc. I request the Collector to join hands with the Commissioner of Police in this regard.

R.G. Rethinam,


More reservation counters

There are five reservation counters in the eastern entry of the Madurai railway station, but only one in the western entry. This is the peak summer booking season now. One more counter must be opened in the western entry. Besides, there is also sufficient space for it. Will the railway authorities look into the genuine issue?

G. Chitti Babu,

Velmurugan Nagar

Sanitation lacking

A corporation middle school (formerly of Madurai west panchayat union), an anganwadi centre, and a kitchen are in close proximity-enclosed with compound wall-by the side of an Amman temple opposite to the Narayanapuram Bus Stop on the New Natham Road.

Regrettably, however, they do not blend with the surroundings because the narrow space in between the compound walls of the temple and the school besides a vacant place close to the latter are used by unscrupulous passers-by to relieve themselves.

Moreover, on the rear side of the school is a canal that has run dry and this has come in handy to dump all kinds of waste. As the waste materials are seldom cleared they accumulate day by day and decompose. Consequently, there is emission of pungent odour and an increase in the levels of environmental pollution. It is a pity that even though this condition poses a health hazard, the school children and those in the anganwadi centre have to put up with it.

V. Krishnamoorthy,


Is exhibition necessary?

We are reeling under shortage of power. Amidst this situation, the Madurai Corporation has a proposal to conduct the Chitrai exhibition as usual. Is this exhibition necessary as it would consume enormous power supply for lighting the pavilions etc., and finally the exorbitant consumption will be ultimately levied on the heads of citizens by drastic power cuts. During 1980s, the exhibition was cancelled because of water crisis. Would the corporation and Collector think of this?


New Pankajam Colony




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