Special Correspondent

VELLORE: Following is the timetable for the higher secondary special supplementary examinations to be conducted by the Department of Government Examinations, Chennai in June/July 2006: June 26: Part-I Language Paper-I (forenoon); June 27: Part-I Language Paper-II (forenoon); June 28: Part-II English Paper-I (forenoon); June 29: Part-II English Paper-II (forenoon); June 30: Physics and History (forenoon) and Statistics, Sociology and Ayurvedha (afternoon); July 1: Philosophy, Nursing and Nutrition and Dietetics-general stream, all vocational subjects Theory under vocational stream, vocational components subjects Theory under general stream--Computer Science, Electronics, Office Management, Electrical Domestic Appliances, Electrical Motor-Rewinding, General Machinist, Radio and Television Maintenance and Repairs, Banking and General Insurance (forenoon) and Geography (afternoon).

July 3: Chemistry, Fine Arts and Logic (forenoon), Psychology, vocational subject--Office Secretaryship Practical-II Shorthand-English and Tamil (afternoon);

July 4: Advanced Languages and Foundation Science (forenoon), Home Science, General and vocational subjects-Typewriting (English and Tamil), Office Secretaryship practical-I Typewriting (English and Tamil), Business Machines and Computer Programming practical-I and Typewriting English (afternoon); July 5: Mathematics and Zoology (forenoon) and Political Science and Biochemistry (afternoon); July 6: Economics (forenoon) and Communicative English and Indian culture (afternoon); July 7: Biology, Botany, Business Maths and Environmental Studies (forenoon) and Commerce (afternoon); July 8: Accountancy, Microbiology and Siddha (forenoon).

The examinations will be held for three hours from 10 a.m. to one p.m. for the forenoon session and from two to five p.m. for the afternoon session, except for typewriting and shorthand, for which the examinations would be held for two-and-a-half hours, from two p.m. to 4.30 p.m.