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‘Some orphanages do not even have the basic paracetamol’

YHH to conduct continuous medical camps in orphanages in Coimbatore

COIMBATORE: “When children in orphanages fall ill, they are rarely taken to a doctor. Some orphanages do not even have the basic paracetamol,” says Arun, Founder Member of Youth Helping Hands, a network of youth (mostly college students) in Coimbatore.

The children never get proper and timely medical care as most orphanages do not have the money to spend on doctors, medicines and hospitals, he adds.

“Providing medical care to children who are suffering from illnesses in orphanages is the need of the hour,” Arun says.

The YHH plans to conduct continuous medical camps for the children living in orphanages in Coimbatore. It has tied up with the PSG Medical College for the project.

Each child will be checked for health problems.

The check up will cover eyes, dental and general health. If a child is found to have any disease, the treatment responsibility will be undertaken by the volunteers of YHH. “Only after we cover all the children in an orphanage will we move on to another,” Arun says.

The volunteers will also follow up the children’s health regularly. They will be advised on health and personal hygiene and taught about the need to remain healthy.

Formed about a year ago, the YHH has grown in terms of the number of volunteers and responsibilities. The volunteers work for the welfare of children in orphanages and care homes by taking lessons in art, craft, dance and music. It motivates the general public to donate to orphanages and sponsor children.

The YHH is also involved in environmental conservation projects. Voice of the Youth for a Clean Environment (VOYCE), is a parallel movement started by the volunteers with the support and guidance of R.Chakravarthy, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime – Coimbatore City West).

“Children in orphanages look forward to Deepavali as it is the only time they can expect crackers, sweets and new clothes. Yet, not all of them are lucky enough to get them,” says Arun.

Those interested in sponsoring children or in donating to orphanages can contact Arun at 9345559815.