All 41 panchayat presidents, panchayat union chiefs endorse the proposal

The proposal to form a new Sri Mushnam Panchayat Union by carving out 41 Village Panchayats from the three adjoining Panchayat Unions was widely welcomed by the respective chiefs of the local bodies.

At the public hearing held here exclusively for the Panchayat Union Chairpersons and the Village Panchayat presidents on Tuesday, a unanimous decision was taken to support the move.

Earlier, Collector R. Kirlosh Kumar told the participants that Sri Mushnam Panchayat Union would be formed by annexing 13 village panchayats from Kattumannarkoil Panchayat Union, 18 village panchayats from Keerapalayam and 10 village panchayats from the Khammapuram Panchayat Union.

The Collector said that the new panchayat union was proposed for administrative convenience and for rendering better services to the residents.

Kattumannarkoil Panchayat Union Chairman Manikandan thanked Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for her decision to form a new panchayat union. Keerapalayam Panchayat Union Chairman Jayabalan said that of the 63 village panchayats under his jurisdiction, 18 would be added to the new panchayat union. He noted that there were six village panchayats with a population of over 3,000 in Keerapalayam and therefore, to ease the burden on administration these local bodies should be bifurcated. He also put forth the demand that Keerapalayam should be made a town panchayat.

Welcoming the proposal, Khammapuram Panchayat Union Chairman Selvaraj appealed to the Collector to construct a high-level bridge across the Vellar river in the local body for easy commutation.

All the 41 panchayat presidents also endorsed the proposal. Later, the Collector observed that besides giving their consent they should also pass a resolution in this regard in their respective local bodies and submit the same to him to be forwarded to the government.

Mr. Kirlosh Kumar also noted that soon separate public hearing would be held in all the three Panchayat Unions to ascertain the views of the residents.