Three major National Highway roads criss-cross the district and improvement projects and proposals of these stretches are in various stages to meet the needs of the growing traffic.

National Highways 47 (NH 47) from Chengapalli to Walayar will become a six-lane road from Chengapalli to Neelambur (42 km) and four-lane from Madukkarai to Walayar (12 km). The Rs. 852-crore project is expected to see completion of the six-lane works in another four to five months. The works are over for 35 km now.

With a delay in commencement of works on the Madukkarai-Walayar stretch and damages because of rain, patchwork and other maintenance works were carried out recently for Rs. 70 lakh, says an official of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

The NHAI has proposed to widen 268 km of the NH 209 road from Dindigul to Coimbatore to Karnataka border (Kakanallah) and a detailed project report feasibility study is going on. The report is expected by the end of December. It envisages widening the road to a four-lane one from Dindigul to Coimbatore and to two-lane with paved shoulders from Coimbatore to Kakanallah.

Another stretch that is likely to see infrastructure development is NH 67 extension.

The Kangayampalayam to Mettupalayam (54 km) project for a four-lane bypass road at a cost of nearly Rs. 600 crore will involve acquisition of 327 hectares. The letter of acceptance has been given to the construction contractor. The agreement will be signed when 80 per cent of land acquisition is completed, the official said.

The NHAI has also proposed widening of Mettupalayam- Udhagamandalam- Kakanallah road at a cost of Rs. 300 crore.

The feasibility report to widen this road into a two-lane one with paved shoulders is expected by the end of next month.

The official pointed out that widening of ghat roads will involve connecting some areas with new roads, requirement of more land, etc. Since there are environmental concerns involved, these projects can take a longer time.