Three habitual offenders who had indulged in burglary and robbery were detained under Goondas Act in Dharmapuri on Sunday.

A release from Superintendent of Police Asra Garg said that K. Sugunesh alias Ambedhi (25), P. Venkatesan (27) and V. Vinoth (24) of Harur were detained under Goondas Act.

As many eight cases were pending against the first two accused and seven cases were pending against third accused in Haur police station. Based on these, it was recommended to detain them under Goondas Act to the District Collector.

After considering the detailed submission of Mr. Garg, the district Collector K. Vivekanandan ordered for detention under Goondas Act, the release adds.

The detention orders under Goondas Act were served to the accused at the Salem Central Prison on Sunday, official sources said.