Their `action' is loud and clear

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A SOCIAL CAUSE: Students spreading a piece of message at Ariyanallur near Dindigul.
A SOCIAL CAUSE: Students spreading a piece of message at Ariyanallur near Dindigul.

K. Raju

DINDIGUL: An effective communication by means of action is vital to change the mindset of the rural people.

A group of students doing the Master of Business Administration at Gandhigram Rural Institute at Gandhigram near here employed a new method to make rural people understand the importance of `clear garbage and clean drainage', a simple concept to eradicate mosquitoes, which are the carriers of chickungunya, a kind of fever.

The group, with full of creative ideas in their mind, landed at Ariyanallur near here recently.

With the accompaniment of folk percussion instruments, a four-wheel handcart with a student clad in tattered clothes and disguised himself as a chickungunya patient, was pushed through the prime streets of the village by a group of members.

Two students holding a broom and drain grabber led the freak procession. Children of the RC Middle School at the village also accompanied the team.

Attracted by the banging of the percussion instruments, large people gathered on the street. The `condition' of the `patient' on the cart and a huge crowd behind him appealed to the villagers to know what was going on. Capitalising on their interest, the team raised the slogan: `clear garbage and clean drainage eradicate mosquitoes and finally eliminate chickungunya.' The crowd curiously observed each and every action by the students. The support of the school students was an added attraction in the road show.

For the villagers, the show was food for thought and for the students, the mission complete and successful.




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