Members of Tamil Nadu Goat Rearers Association, led by K. Thirukural Kurunthalingam, have said that theft of goats have been common in Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Pudukottai, and Nagapattinam districts.

In a memorandum submitted at the general grievances day meeting held here on Monday, a group of members, who brought nearly 100 goats with clothes tied to the eyes of the animals, said nearly 3,000 goats have been stolen from these districts this year.

Mr. Kurunthalingam said the group is from Ramanathapuram district.

“They used to tether herds of goats in the fields. But, a group of persons from Kantharvakottai in Pudukottai district steals them in groups. When we try to prevent them, they attack us. We have no security for goats as well as for our lives. Police do not entertain complaints and even when we are ready to identify the persons who steal the goats, they are not ready to take action. We appeal to you to take steps to recover the stolen goats and take action against the culprits,” they said in the memorandum which was handed over to S.Suresh Kumar, District Revenue officer, who was in the chair.