Textbooks and notebooks have been distributed to a total of 1.71 lakh school students in Karur district since the beginning of the new academic year.

As per the State Government scheme, government and aided school students are being supplied textbooks and notebooks free of cost. For standards One to 10, an estimated 1.09 lakh girls and boys got the textbooks.

For Plus Two students

For Plus One and Plus Two classes, another 8,994 students were sanctioned textbooks for a total of 1.18 lakh beneficiaries.

Besides that a total of 56,852 students in the classes one to eight were given notebooks and another 55,848 students in the same category got school uniforms as well. School Education Department sources said that all over the district a total of 1.71 lakh students got the free textbooks and notebooks while 81,342 students got uniforms along with the textbooks and notebooks.