Order issued following dismissal of writ petitions filed by private bus operators in Madras High Court

Equipped with an order issued by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) and District Collector M. Karunagaran, the Transport Department and Police are planning to ensure termination of all mofussil buses (excepting those on the Tirupur route) plying on Tiruchi Road at the Singanallur bus stand from Monday.

Mr. Karunagaran has issued the order following the dismissal of writ petitions filed by private bus operators before the Madras High Court.

As per the latest order issued by the RTA and Collector, only buses that are operated on a distance of less than 55 km as per the permits issued to them i.e., those on the Tirupur — Coimbatore — Tirupur (via Palladam, Sulur and Singanallur — distance 53 km), Tirupur — Coimbatore — Tirupur (via Ayyankoil, Sulur and Singanallur — distance 51.2 km), Avinashi — Coimbatore (via Karumathampatti, Ayyankoil, Sulur and Singanallur), Ayyankoil — Coimbatore (via Sulur/Singanallur — distance 50 km) will be permitted up to Gandhipuram.

Government proposed and sanctioned construction of a mofussil bus stand at Singanallur on July 26, 1999 in a bid to terminate mofussil buses in order to decongest city roads and the bus stand was inaugurated on June 20, 2002.

Regional Transport Authority issued orders for termination of buses at Singanallur with immediate effect.

Aggrieved by the orders of the RTA, private bus operators moved the Madras High Court by filing a writ petition.

On July 5, 2002, Madras High Court dismissed the writ petitions and upheld the order of the RTA.

The bus operators filed writ appeal against the orders and on October 11, 2002, the court ordered that buses plying within the distance of 55 km can be terminated at Gandhipuram until further orders after stopping at Singanallur bus stop.

Practically, buses being operated beyond Tirupur i.e., to places such as Dharapuram, Vellakoil, Kangeyam, Karur, Tiruchi and Madurai should stop at Singanallur and should not enter Coimbatore City. RTA accordingly issued orders on October 18, 2002.

Challenging the same, the bus operators filed a writ of mandamus which was dismissed by the Madras High Court on October 11, 2002. The Court however permitted termination of only those buses that plied for less than 55 km at Gandhipuram.

While disposing one of the writs, the court on July 6, 2011 said that petitioners were at liberty to submit a representation to the first respondent i.e., RTA listing their grievances and the respondent shall consider the same and pass reasoned orders in accordance with the law.

Under such circumstances, with no representation that is pending with the RTA, and the High Court having dismissed all the writs and writ appeals, has ordered that the police and transport department shall ensure that all buses plying for more than a distance of 55 km are terminated at Singanallur.

While Tiruchi and Madurai buses are already being operated to and from Singanallur without entering Coimbatore, now buses to destinations such as Kangeyam, Vellakoil, Dharapuram and Karur will have to be terminated at Singanallur.

Police and Transport Department are planning to ensure the strict implementation of the orders and directions of the Court with effect from March 11, 2013 (Monday), official sources said.

Officials to ensure that all buses plying for over 55 km

are terminated

at Singanallur