For both new and original Uthamapalayam Mariamman temple

The Dalits from Vellakoil block, who have been fighting for their rights to enter the Uthamapalayam new Mariamman Temple' without any discrimination, had appealed to the State Government to constitute an endowment committee for both the new and the original Uthamapalayam Mariamman temple immediately.

The demand was part of the 10-point resolution passed at the meeting convened by the Uthamapalayam Temple entry agitation committee on Monday. Committee convener S. Karuppaiah told The Hindu that though the bylaws formulated by the HR &CE department stipulates the formation of endowment committees for all the temples coming under its purview, the rules were not followed in the case of the Uthamapalayam temples.

“Instead of forming endowment committee, the cash and jewellery of the original Mariamman temple constructed in 1962 had been transferred under the control of a private trust against all laws,” he said.

The Dalits now wanted the assets to be transferred to the endowment committee and the private trust dissolved. “We also wanted Dalit representation in the endowment committee and the rights for Dalit to contest for its president's post,” Mr Karuppaiah said.