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New Series: A still from the five-part series ‘War machines’ which begins this Monday on National Geographic channel
New Series: A still from the five-part series ‘War machines’ which begins this Monday on National Geographic channel

Madhur Tankha

NEW DELHI: Built to protect but destined to destroy, war machines are the ultimate weapons of war. Countries spend enormous amounts of money, time and effort on them as there is a constant race to better the technology.

National Geographic Channel is going to air a five-part series beginning this Monday on the impregnable, deadly accurate and super-fast war machines that ultimately decide the winning side in wars.

Titled ‘War Machines’, the brand new series will show inventors and engineers developing new machines of war that not only save the current day but often signify the advent of a new way to wage war. Besides tracing the evolution of machine guns of World War I to the ultimate seven-barrel GAU-8 Avenger, the series will unravel what makes cruise missiles the ultimate surgical attack weapon. The great milestones in the course of the development of the cruise missile, the tank, the machine gun, the bullet and other weapons of war will also be highlighted in the series.

Talking about the upcoming series, Rajesh Sheshadri of National Geographic Channel India says today’s most sophisticated and deadliest war machines are a result of invention and innovation that have forever altered the way wars are fought. “This series traces this journey in an exciting, action-packed format making viewers re-think the way they see these deadly weapons,” he adds.

Taking an exclusive look at the latest Abrams M1A2 main battle tank at the United States Army’s Fort Hood is the episode ‘Tank’ that will be aired on Monday. Historians and war veterans will spotlight the major advances that make up the evolutionary timeline of the tank’s development in this episode.

Episode ‘Weapons’ to be shown on Friday will depict divers searching for a bomb that went missing more than 40 years ago.




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