Members of Isha Foundation stage demonstration, 350 grocery merchants down shutters

College teachers belonging to Association of University Teachers (AUT), Tamil Nadu, staged a protest in front of city colleges on Tuesday to mark what they observed as ‘Anti-Corruption Day'. According to AUT General Secretary C. Pichandy, the association welcomed the mass upsurge against corruption and the protest that was called for throughout the State was to show solidarity to the cause. Teaching and non-teaching staff of AUT from seven colleges in the Coimbatore Zone held the demonstration in front of their respective institutions.

Mr. Pichandy said that this was the first stage of protest reflecting the national mood.

The association urged the Government to include the judiciary and executive into the ambit of the Lokpal Bill.

Bharathiar University

Nearly 850 students of Bharathiar University observed a day-long fast here on Tuesday to show solidarity against the fight for corruption and demanding that all parties unanimously decide on the passing of the Lokpal Bill. Post-graduate students, research and Ph. D. scholars joined the fast which was observed by them in front of the university gate. According to final year MCA student A. Thirumurugan, there were more than 450 girls. The students had decided to undertake the fast and with the permission of Vice-Chancellor C. Swaminathan did so from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Members of the Isha Foundation on Monday staged a demonstration in Gandhipuram in support of those who are protesting for a strong Lokpal Bill. A release said the protestors rendered patriotic songs and staged a kalari payattu performance. The protest followed a meeting Jaggi Vasudev had with Anna Hazare in New Delhi on Monday.


In response to a call given by the merchant's association for expressing solidarity with Gandhian activist Anna Hazare who is on a fast as part of his crusade against corruption and demanding a strong Lokpal Bill, as many as 350 grocery merchants in the city downed shutters.

Activists of the Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India (Marxist) staged a demonstration in front of Hotel Tamil Nadu at Gandhipuram on Tuesday expressing solidarity with Gandhian activist Anna Hazare who is on a fast as part of his crusade against corruption and for a strong Lokpal Bill. The demonstration had an overwhelming participation with representatives from All India Forward Block, Janata Dal (Secular), CITU and AIYF.