Teachers back principal

A number of teachers, including women staff members, of Quaid-e-Millath College for Men have come out in support of their principal, against whom a woman employee had filed a complaint of harassment.

In a joint statement, signed by 26 faculty members, the teachers said the principal was being falsely accused of wrong-doing because he had enforced discipline among errant staff and students in the last six months and brought about positive changes in their behaviour.

After an enquiry, the police had found that the complainant was motivated by malice as the employee had been relieved from duty in the library and assigned cleaning work.

They added that some disgruntled employees had instigated the complaint. The principal had over 30 years of service and there had been no complaint against him so far.

The claim of the sweeper, who had given the complaint, that she was demoted from the post of office assistant was wrong, as she was never promoted in the first place, they said.

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