Grievances related to issues such as delay in Income Tax refunds can be referred to the Income Tax ombudsman, according to Sunil Chopra, Income Tax Ombudsman, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore, here on Wednesday, Mr. Chopra said the ombudsman facilitated grievance redressal of various issues related to Income Tax, such as delay in refund, passing orders on rectification application, delay in release of books of accounts, maintaining transparency in selection of cases for scrutiny and allotment of PAN cards.

Awareness on the Income Tax ombudsman should go up in the State, especially in the tier-two cities.


The ombudsman received about 50 complaints a month from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and 90 per cent of these were from Chennai.

The complaints should be in writing, should be signed by the complainant, include the name, address, PAN, facts related to the case and supporting documents.

The ombudsman facility was available in 12 centres in the country.

Usually the cases were settled in a month.

Details of the Income Tax ombudsman were available on:

P.S. Chellaphan, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Coimbatore, said the Chief Commissioner's cell and the ombudsman were two mechanisms available for grievance redressal.

The region registered Rs. 2,750 crore revenue last year and it was Rs. 150 crore higher than the target. The target for this financial year was Rs. 3,100 crore and so far, Rs. 2,000 crore was collected.

P.R. Vittel, vice-president of the chamber of commerce, said the meeting would enable the Income Tax payers to know more about the ombudsman and get their grievances addressed through the mechanism.

M. Krishnan, President of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore, said the 82-year-old chamber had “branding Coimbatore is our business” as the theme this year.