P. Oppili

Chennai office receives 225 applications a day

  • Procedures simplified in December last year
  • Any three of the 14 documents notified can be submitted
  • Police verification is conducted after passport is issued

    CHENNAI: The number of applications for passports under the tatkal category has increased by 50 per cent after the recent relaxation of procedures.

    Talking to The Hindu , Regional Passport Officer, Chennai, Sumathi Ravichandran, said that earlier the office used to receive 150 applications under the tatkal category every day, and the number had now gone up to nearly 225.

    The procedures for applying under the tatkal category were simplified in December 26 last year. Under the new system, 14 types of documents were notified for being attached to the application.

    The applicants could submit any three documents, besides the standard affidavit.

    ECNR status

    Ms. Ravichandran said: "Many think that under the new system no police verification is needed. There is no question of dispensing with the police verification. We are doing it after the issue of passport."

    Those with an educational qualification of matriculation and above were eligible to claim the Emigration Clearance Not Required status.

    In case the passport booklet did not have an ECNR stamp, the applicant would be deemed to have been granted the status.

    Express services

    The applications for express services such as issue of ECNR, change of address and inclusion of spouse name doubled to 200 a day now.

    On the delivery of passports, she said the regular category applicants were being given passports within 45 days, as against 90 days earlier. For the districts, it would be 65 days, as against 100 days earlier.

    Asked whether the authorities could cope with the increased workload, Ms. Ravichandran said: "We are coping with the increased workload with the existing infrastructure by making extra efforts."

    The Regional Passport Office at Chennai issued over 3 lakh passports in the last calendar year, and 2.29 lakh passports in the previous year.