In what appears to be a move to make more tickets available under general quota, the Southern Railway has reduced the number of tickets in chair car class available under tatkal category for travel in Duranto Express between Coimbatore and Chennai (Train No. 12244/12243) with effect from October 14.

Online enquiry for availability of tickets in the Railways website indicated that till October 13, as many as 160 tickets were available under the tatkal quota. With effect from October 14, it has been brought down to 60 thereby making nearly 100 additional seats available for booking under the ordinary category. This will enable passengers to book the tickets any time besides saving the tatkal charges.

But under the Class 1 A category in the Duranto Express, the tatkal quota continues to remain at 5.

Earlier, when the ordinary category tickets are fully booked, when the passengers opt for tatkal reservation i.e., one day prior to the journey, they would have to shell out Rs. 990 for a journey between Coimbatore and Chennai. Now, with 100 more seats coming under ordinary category, 100 passengers would be able to book their tickets at Rs. 815 and thereby, make a saving of Rs. 175.

This would actually ease the pressure for tickets for day-time travel between Coimbatore and Chennai or vice-versa. Railway sources said though a particular percentage of tickets are earmarked for ordinary and tatkal category bookings, revisiting or rationalising the number of seats under tatkal and ordinary quota is done on the basis of a study of the booking pattern and patronage. If there is more demand for ordinary category tickets with lesser patronage for tatkal, then the availability of seats under these quotas are revised.