Director General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Samir K.Brahmachari on Sunday underscored the need for the CSIR laboratories to take technology to the common man, especially to people living in rural areas.

Speaking after opening the new facilities at the Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC) here, he explained that such a move would go a long way in creating awareness of the work undertaken by the laboratories.

Commendable impact

While direct value creation of the CSIR projects ran into several thousands of crores of rupees, what was more commendable was the resultant impact on the prices of many products.

This included vitrified tiles, whose prices came down sharply after a CSIR laboratory provided a local alternative to the clay that was being imported from Ukraine. Likewise, the open source drug discovery programme helped to come with new, cost effective medicines.

However, awareness of the work and the impressive network of laboratories that CSIR had built over the years was low.

He cited instances of policy makers and civil servants, without realising that the laboratory was part of the network, underscored the need for CSIR to enter into a collaboration with it.

Various measures had been initiated to spread awareness, including prefixing CSIR to the name of the laboratories.

Mr. Brahmachari also highlighted the need for CSIR bodies to come up with interesting advertisements. “Every lab is different, but the same [growth] opportunity exists for all,” he said, asking the institutions to work closely.

He commended the work of CSIR-SERC and –CSIR-CECRI in Karaikudi in the State.

SERC Director Nagesh R.Iyer said every structure on the complex was unique and adopted technology developed by SERC.

Mr. Brahmachari opened a dining hall, training and development complex and an administrative wing besides participating in the ground breaking ceremony of a twin tower innovation complex.