Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing Development Corporation (TAHDCO) has called for online applications for loan assistance starting March 15 for a slew of economic ventures and activities. According to a TAHDCO release, applicants may avail of financial assistance for purchase of land; development of land; entrepreneurial economic development scheme; youth self-employment scheme; setting up of hospital or clinics (for graduates in MBBS, BSMS, BDS, and BPT); retail outlets for petrol, diesel and gas; revolving funds and capital for women SHGs; funds for electrification of households; and financial assistance for aspirants for group A services.

The scheme envisages assistance to Adi Dravidar between 18 years and 55 years of age; and between 18 years and 35 years of age for youth seeking assistance under self-employment scheme for youth. The permissible annual family income shall not exceed Rs.1 lakh. However, the upper limit is Rs.3 lakh for those seeking to set up retail outlets for fuel and gas. The applicants will have to be residents of Nagapattinam. The applications may be downloaded from http://application.tahdco.com for online registration. Registration mandates filling in of family card number, details of proof of residence, community and income among others in the requisite columns.

The registration will be open up to March 30.