In official circles, the inspection made by the Health Minister, K.K.S.S.R. Ramachandran, at the K.A.P. Viswanatham Government Medical College Hospital on Sunday was euphemistically termed as a "surprise visit".

It was another matter that the hospital was unusually spic and span on that occasion and the usual odour was conspicuous by its absence. Apparently, orderliness was the order of the day.

Right from the entrance to the Dean's office, where the Minister addressed an impromptu press conference, employees stood in arrays welcoming the Minister and his colleagues, K.N. Nehru, and N. Selvaraj, with folded hands.

Just before entering the building housing the Dean's chamber, the staff nurses and students of nursing college on the premises, showered the Minister with rose petals, standing in rows on either sides of the path, presenting a `civilian guard of honour'.

Staff Reporter