The Combined Water Supply Scheme to includes a ground level storage reservoir of 32.75-lakh-litre capacity at Ambur municipality, a common ground-level sump of 12.15-lakh-litre capacity at Melmonavur panchayat and ground-level sump of 7-lakh-litre capacity for Melvisharam Municipality.

At Ambur Municipality, water would be pumped from the sump to eight existing overhead tanks (OHT) and two to-be constructed OHTs of seven-lakh-litre and four-lakh-litre capacity respectively. It would cater for a population of 1,93,300.

For Melvisharam Municipality, it has been designed to pump 37 lakh litre of water a day. The population of the municipality is 51,900 and estimated population, in future 71,700.

At Melmonavur panchayat, water from the sump would be pumped to rural sumps and then to the existing 41 OHTs.