The weather advisory services of the Meteorological Department indicate that Namakkal and surrounding areas could receive mild summer showers ranging between 2 to 4 millimetre a day from May 21 to 24. With the maximum temperature expected to go up to 38 degrees Celsius (C) on Sunday, the average high temperature is expected to be around 37 degrees C while the minimum would be around 26 degrees C.

While the summer showers seem to have raised the ground water level considerably, the department has advised people to watch for microbial quality. Poultry farmers have been advised to keep the birds under controlled temperatures.

According to Professor and Head of Agromet Advisory Services of the Veterinary College and Research Institute (Namakkal) R. Ravi post-mortem observations of birds brought for diagnosis at the Avian Disease Laboratory here, it was learnt that most deaths were due to Ranikhet disease and heat stroke.