An event to showcase the talent of Tamil poets and writers in The Nilgiris would form part of this year’s Summer festival in this hill station, said Collector Archana Patnaik while speaking to The Hindu here on Thursday.

Stating that it would be in the form of a literary festival, she said that the Tamil poets and writers who belong to organisations like the Ooty- based, ‘Malaicharal’ have hitherto not attracted public attention, as their activities have been low profile.

In recognition of their contribution to the promotion, albeit silently, of Tamil poetry and literature, they would be brought into focus.

Pointing out that a meeting of the Nilgiris Summer Festival and Flower and Fruit Show Committees would be held here on March

23, Ms. Patnaik said that the dates of various events would be finalised.

She said that the Annual Floral Carnival (AFC) would as usual be held at the Government Botanical Garden (GBG) here during the third week of May.

Stating that the situation on the water front, particularly in the rural areas continues to cause concern, she said that it was manageable here since there was adequate water in the main Parsons Valley Hydel Reservoir.

In the villages committees comprising TWAD and Panchayat officials and the local people have been formed to monitor the situation.