Staff Reporter

Dharmapuri: District Collector P. Amudha has asked industrialists and entrepreneurs to avail themselves of the subsidy-based programmes announced by the State Government for micro, small and medium industries. Accordingly micro industries set up in Dharmapuri district can avail of a 15 per cent capital subsidy on plant and machinery, 20 per cent power tariff subsidy on low tension power for the first three years, 100 per cent subsidy on the assessed VAT for the first six years and stamp duty exemption on mortgaged and pledged documents.

The State Government will also provide a capital subsidy of 15 percent on plant and machinery for micro, small and medium industries in industrially backward areas. Apart from this 5 per cent additional employment intensive subsidy will be given to units for providing jobs to 25 workers for three years, 5 per cent additional capital subsidy for units set up by women and SC/ST physically disabled persons and transgender entrepreneurs subject to maximum of Rs 2 lakhs.

In addition a 25 per cent additional capital subsidy will be provided on the value of plant and machinery installed to promote environment friendly technologies and 20 per cent low-tension power tariff subsidy for three years from the date of starting production.

Ms. Amudha said that all blocks in the district except Dharmapuri can avail of the subsidy based programmes. Major industries such as electrical and electronic components, leather and leather goods, auto parts and components, drugs and pharmaceuticals, solar energy equipment, gold and diamond jewellery for exports, pollution control equipment, sports goods and accessories, cost effective building materials and readymade garments can avail of a 15 per cent special capital subsidy subject to a maximum of Rs.30 lakhs. The Government will also provide 3 percent back-ended subsidy for technology upgradation and modernization of equipments.