The State Government has proposed to give subsidy for installing drip irrigation equipment in 1,360 hectares during the current fiscal.

In a statement, Collector C. Samayamoorthy said the district administration was according much importance to popularize drip irrigation technique among the farmers as better yield could be achieved with minimum quantity of water by this method.

As the State Government had increased the maximum subsidy per farmer from Rs. 43,816 to Rs. 1.85 lakh for 2 hectares for installing drip irrigation, more farmers could install drip irrigation technique in their farms.

The Tamil Nadu Government had decided to extend subsidy for installing drip irrigation in 1,360 hectares in the district.

While the small and marginal farmers can get subsidy for installing drip irrigation in 872 hectares with cent per cent subsidy, major farmers can install this micro irrigation technique in 218 hectares of land with 75 per cent subsidy.

For vegetable cultivation on 2 hectares of land with drip irrigation, the small and marginal farmers will get a subsidy of Rs. 1.85 lakh. The subsidy will vary for banana (Rs. 1.23 lakh), mango (Rs. 51,438), coconut (Rs. 32,323) and lemon and amla (Rs. 44,387).

Aspiring farmers can select their drip irrigation sets from the list of 22 suppliers. They can submit their application along with the copies of family card, computer patta, topographic sketch, value of the land, village record showing the ownership of the land and copy of the certificate issued by competent authority to the small and marginal farmers to get the subsidy, Mr. Samayamoorthy said.