Number of failures in science, mathematics decreases significantly this academic year

Powered by an extraordinary performance in mathematics, the number of subject-wise centum in SSLC examination has increased almost five-fold this year in Madurai district compared to last year. While the number of subject wise centum was 185 during 2010, the figure has risen to 914 this year.

While 108 students hit the maximum in mathematics last year, the figure rose nearly eight-fold as 782 students scored centum this year.

Performance in social science also improved significantly as from just 13 last year, 58 students scored centum this year. Centum in science increased marginally from 64 last year to 74 this year. There was no centum in English and Tamil.

The number of failures had declined in all subjects. In science, failures dipped considerably from 3,276 last year to 1,943 this year; in mathematics from 1,564 to 1,011; in social science from 1,177 to 1,060; in Tamil from 1,051 to 941 and in English from 2,396 to 1,859.

Both boys and girls improved their pass percent this year. Of the 16,844 boys who took the SSLC examination, 14,553 or 86.40 percent cleared it, compared to 84.48 percent last year. Of the 17,708 girls who appeared, 16,578 or 93.62 percent passed the examination, compared to 90.88 percent last year.

Unlike the previous year, Madurai district increased its overall pass percentage this year. In 2010, the pass percentage declined to 87.92 from 88.75 the preceding year.

This year, the pass percentage rose to 90.10 surpassing both the two proceeding years The number of schools with centum pass percentage rose marginally from 38 last year to 48 this year. Aided/unaided schools constituted more than half as 26 of them got cent per cent pass. A total of 12 Government schools, five corporation schools and three Government Kallar schools also got cent per cent pass. Both the two special schools in Madurai district secured cent per cent pass.

Government schools have improved their overall performance this year, which is significant as the last year, their pass percentage had recorded a decline. Of the total 9,690 students who took the examination, 8,059 students or 83.17 per cent passed it, compared to 78.79 per cent during 2010. The pass percentage was 80.73 during 2009. Most of the other category schools also improved their pass percentage.

Of the three educational districts in Madurai revenue district, the Madurai educational district has got the highest pass percentage.

The Madurai educational district also improved its performance compared to last year. From a pass percentage of 87.89 during 2010, it has achieved 91.16 per cent this time.

It also accounted for the bulk of students who appeared for SSLC examinations in Madurai revenue district. Of the total 34,552, 16,315 students were from Madurai educational district.

Melur educational district saw its pass percentage increase from 87.29 last year to 90.09 this year.

The Usilampatti educational district alone saw its pass percentage decline slightly from 88.67 last year to 88.08 this time.