In the context of power shortage in the State, the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of Sudarshan Engineering College in Pudukottai district has commissioned a hybrid solar wind power plant on its premises.

The power plant generating one KW power lights sodium vapour lamps along walkways.

The department students also displayed a solar driven car at an event organised by the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency.

Measures such as switching off television when none is watching, checking wattages of incandescent lamps and substituting them with low wattage ones; switching off lights in rooms when there is none; avoiding overload of refrigerator/ freezer; ensuring tight fitting door gaskets and clean vacuum condenser rolls in fridges; avoiding opening of refrigerators often; and cleaning filter of air-conditioner once in a fortnight have evoked significant results, according to the students of the department who carried out a study at their homes to analyse how power consumption could be reduced.

The group of students could make out that after these measures were put in place, the power consumption reduced from 1,770 units to 1,467 units.

They could save 303 units, amounting to Rs. 909. The government was sourcing electricity at a very high price to meet the demand, and has been pushed into a situation of imposing daily power cuts, and revising power tariff.

The only solution was in going for energy-efficient products for power conservation on the one hand and generating power from renewable sources on the other. Alongside leading to cost savings and economic benefits, energy saving initiatives can help lower greenhouse gas emissions substantially, they explained.