A number of students from the Puducherry region, who attended the medical counselling conducted by the Centralised Admissions Committee (CENTAC) on Saturday, lost out on admissions due to certain stipulations governing the regional reservation policy.

As per the rules formulated by the government, a student should have done his/her last three years of schooling in their respective regions to be eligible for the reservations under the regional quota.

Some students, who live on the fringes of Puducherry, go to schools in the neighbouring Cuddalore and Villupuram districts of Tamil Nadu. Such students, even though they are residents of Puducherry, have lost out on admissions as their applications were rejected on the basis of the three-year schooling clause.

“I live in a village on the fringe of Puducherry. There are no good schools nearby and so I opted for a school in Cuddalore as I could not travel such long distances every day. Now, they have rejected my application on this basis. I don't understand the logic behind this,” said Gorbechev, a student who secured the tenth rank on the merit list for the SC category.

Parents said that the government should have announced the clause this year and should have implemented it three years later so as to give time for them to shift their wards from schools in Tamil Nadu to ones in Puducherry. But such sudden implementation of the clause has robbed their wards of a future in the medical profession. They demanded that the clause be removed immediately and all residents of Puducherry be eligible for the regional quota.