Language games indispensable

MADURAI: The enclosed classroom space was abuzz with activity as Standard VI students of Thiagarajar Model Higher Secondary School at Teppakulam were engaged in learning language skills.

The Newspaper in Education session held here on Monday concentrated on the mistakes that students usually commit in writing. These are words that are familiar to us but when we write, we commonly make mistakes and misspell them.

Spelling structure

Spelling structure, which is one of the learning features of the writing system, and pronunciation for reading skills were discussed.

The major aim of teaching English is to enable the students express themselves correctly in writing on everyday matters of life and this requires proficiency in structural skills. This point was stressed in the activity session.

To make the session more interesting and lively, N. Ramya, the resource person, called a couple of students and asked one of them to turn around and the other person to write on his back a word.

The person on whose back the word was written wrote the word on the board.

Language games are indispensable to achieve communicative competence and this activity stressed upon whether the information sent is received properly which is essential for effective communication.

The students read out the words written on the blackboard and were asked to correct them.

Importance of concentration

Earlier, the resource person began the session with a brief introduction on the importance of concentration in productive skills (speaking and writing) and the receptive skills (listening and reading) and how to be attentive in class.