Police on Monday arrested an engineering student K.Sathish (22) on charges of murdering his 11-year-old cousin residing at Pappanthope.

Confessing to the crime, Satish told police that he used to watch porno flicks with his cousin and had developed a relationship with him. As the victim started telling friends about watching such movies, Satish got scared that the truth about him might be known to everybody. On April 12, he took the victim to a casuarina grove, slit his neck with a knife and fled.

Another case

Jawahar Babu (45), an eatery owner at Chidambaram, murdered a 16-year-old youth for refusing to get into a relationship with him.

After murdering the youth, he put the body in a sack and kept it in the eatery.

Babu also went with the victim’s father in search of the “missing youth.”