Strict implementation of traffic rules and awareness on the gravity of road accidents among individuals can prevent road accidents, said Minister for Finance O. Paneerselvam.

He was delivering the valedictory address at the Road Safety week celebrations held here on Saturday. The State Government had increased the fund for road safety week celebrations to Rs. 65crore from Rs. 40 crore, the last year allotment, so as to create awareness among people.

Roads were re-laid and new buses were given to ensure safety of passengers. “Many accidents take place at cross roads and link road junctions. Drivers should drive at a nominal speed and develop let-others-pass attitude for safe journey”, he advised.

In his special address, Collector K.S. Palanisamy said that strict enforcement of traffic rules was essential and violators should be punished.

“Number of accidents in the district has reduced to 1,184 this year when compared to 1,274 accidents last year. We lost 250 lives last year. Road accidents took place due to lack of concentration of drivers, drunken driving, over speed and using mobile phones while driving”, he pointed out.