Stray dogs are on the increase in all streets of Thanjavur. The Blue Cross and animal welfare organisations are opposed to killing them. If it is so, the organisations should take all those dogs under their care and make the streets free from stray dogs menace.

T.S.S. Mani,


Toilet facility in trains

The non-availability of toilet facility in the train run with DEMU coaches in the Tiruchi-Karaikudi section has been causing great inconvenience. People with diabetic complaint and blood pressure suffer owing to the absence of this facility. It is a matter of concern that the railways is operating trains without toilet facility.

M. Rengasamy,

Secretary, Brahdambal Nagar Dwellers Welfare Association, Tirugokarnam, Pudukottai.

Elders’ problem in getting ration

Cardholders find it difficult to get commodities from ration shops due to the insistence of presence of the head of the family or any other person listed in the card during the time of purchase. If both persons mentioned in the cards are elders, it becomes difficult for them to go to the shop. Why not the officials allow the elders to confirm their presence once in a year or 6 months once, like treasury office for getting pension?

Vishnuburam A. Srinivasan,


Yoga for teachers

Incidents of corporal punishments are being reported from various schools in recent times. Though the Government has banned the uncivilised act, the menace is unchecked in schools. Teachers have become intolerant towards the behaviour of students. By practicing Yoga and Meditation, one can develop patience and tolerance.

Yoga and meditation should be taught not only to students but also to teachers.

T. Deepa,


Safety in coaches

This is with reference to a report on the fire accident in a goods carriage of Pandian Express train. It is high time to take immediate steps to avert electrical snags in bogies.

We should follow the Singapore Railways which has fixed apparatus like “smoke detectors” in trains to avoid fire accidents.

A. Srinivasan,


Stop buses at Membalam

The State Government should issue an instruction to the State Transport Corporation authorities, that all the buses coming from different directions should be provided a stoppage at Membalam in Kumbakonam.

Since the railway station is close, a stoppage for the buses here will be convenient to passengers.

K. Santhanam,


Divert funds for rural scheme

This has reference to the news item, that “all Panchayat Union Primary and High Schools in Karur district would be renovated” (The Hindu dated 13-3-08). But it should be remembered that ever since the Panchayat Union School teachers and clerical staff were provincialised on June 1, 1981, they were paid salaries from the State and the surplus funds in rural bodies, that were not spent for the periodical maintenance work of local body schools.

As such, the Government can think of diverting the surplus funds of rural local bodies, to AGAMT scheme and make it a grand success.

Will the Secretary to Rural Development and Panchayat Raj look into this and do the needful?

R.S. Moorthy,