“Most polluted city in country is Raipur”

: Adoption of energy efficient measures will contribute to energy reliability and security in the long run, besides protecting environment and enhancing industrial productivity, F.X. Mary Magdalin Princy, Senior Manager, Technical Training & Development Centre, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO), Tiruchi, said on Tuesday.

Energy conservation steps lead to reduction of sulphur-di-oxide emission, which causes asthma and cardiovascular diseases and affects breathing, Ms. Mary Magdalin Princy said at a seminar on “Efficient energy management in medical sector,' organised by the Technical Training and Development Centre, TANGEDCO, Tiruchi, at the K.A.P.V. Government Medical College here.

Avoiding energy wastages will also help in reducing nitrogen oxide emission, which causes irritation in lungs, pneumonia and respiratory infections. Making a presentation on the strategies to enhance energy efficiency, she said over 50 percent of energy generated was coal-based with capacity additions taking place also dominated by coal-based energy generation.

The most polluted city in the country was not Delhi or Mumbai or Bangalore or Chennai but Raipur in Chattisgarh, owing to large-scale coal mining. Conserving one unit of energy at the user-level would result in the saving of generation, particularly thermal generation, by five units, she pointed out.

Adoption of energy efficient measures would not only save money and protect environment but also contribute to energy reliability and security. Replacing incandescent lamps and inefficient electro mechanical chokes with CFL lamps and electronic chokes will cut down energy cost and energy wastages, she said.

Various energy conservation models were demonstrated at the seminar, which was aimed at creating an awareness of efficient use of energy resources. A quiz programme was conducted for the medical students on energy saving. The college Dean Karthikeyan appealed to the TANGEDCO officials to extend the programme to all doctors and staff of the medical college.